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Charlie Laban Trier & Cristina Kristal Rizzo (DK/IT)

Hypernating (in research)

Charlie Trier

They want to reopen their project Hypernating. The project had a pathway that had been derailed by the last few years, so they want to rediscover the material, question the formats and structures of the work, and start a research that springs from the same pool. In Hypernating, they set out to explore the possibilities, but also the limits, of a seemingly narrative voice. They want to dispose of this voice – find methods to make it into multiple voices. They further ask if the voices can represent a dark promise with an absence of subjectivity. They work with voices heard from a body you can hardly see, in quasi darkness or, what they hope, as a black screen/canvas. They therefore appealed to darkness – working in a dark space.

Charlie Laban Trier & Cristina Kristal Rizzo (DK/IT)

Cristina Kristal Rizzo is a dance-maker based in Florence. Her interests concern choreography in an expanded field, something that she has approached through experimental practices and creative process in multiplicity of formats and expression. She has been active on stage as a performer and creator since ’94.

Charlie Laban Trier, (he/him) is a dancer and choreographer.
A member of Jacuzzi – an artist-run space in Amsterdam where dance/performance and other time-based medias swim together. Graduated from SNDO-AHK in 2018.
He thinks of dance as a slippery matter, and as a joker that instantaneously can inhabit many images – seducing its viewers while cheekily sliding out of shape.

In residence

14 Mar 2022 – 26 Mar 2022

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