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Tineke De Meyer (BE)

Inland Island

Tineke De Meyer

Tineke comes to work on the script for Inland Island, a performative installation and poetic audio performance.

Together with a few others, you take a seat at a table. Through headphones you will be addressed by a disembodied voice.
This voice belongs to a borderline creature – an angel, an alien? Both present and absent, this eternal witness speaks about what is happening at and far beyond the table.

This being searches for connection, both with the listener and between the listeners themselves. Like a kind of science fiction, Inland Island opens up a broader, more tender view of the present.

An ‘activating’ listening experience, in which light and sound make sensory sense of how porous a border can be the border of a space, an individual, a moment, but also that between listener and performer.

Tineke De Meyer (BE)

As a maker/writer, Tineke is interested in the intimacy and proximity of the spoken word in audio, driven by the limitations of language and fascinated by forms of attention. This leads to hybrid projects in which the analogue meets the digital, more often with an invitation for the listener to experience something in their own body than with a straightforward, linear storyline. With dedication to mystery and misunderstanding, and questions about how we read (the world, the other), about experience and subjectivity, about how we know things.

In residence

04 Jul 2022 – 15 Jul 2022

On tour

October 2022 – February 2023
AMOK Festival, Brugge (KAAP) | C-TAKT | Beyond The Blackbox, Brakke Grond | VIERNULVIER

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