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Werkplek in Kortrijk

Matevž Dobaj (SI) & Neus Barcons Roca (ES)

It is like air

It is like air is research project where we explore breath as a departure point – a view angle – to question how we work, how we create and function. Breathing is a main motor of creation.
During this residency we will work on evaluations of body forms and images through breathing, observing how the breath changes itself and the landscape. How can it grant a perceptual experience of specific constructions of ourselves through a field of translations.”

Matevž Dobaj (SI) & Neus Barcons Roca (ES)

Neus and Matevž, Brussels based choreographic tandem, are working together since 2013. They have created a number of shorter pieces and evening works.
For years the subject of sensation, perception and reality is the core of their work. They are continuing their artistic investigations, focusing on breath/breathing and examining it’s extensions into voice and music.

In residence

10 Jan 2022 – 14 Jan 2022

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