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Werkplek in Kortrijk

Simon Loiseau & Marion Menan (FR/BE)

Jusqu’à preuve du contraire

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“During the residency at Buda, we will precise our video work on stage thanks to our first collaboration with Tom. So we will precise with him the stage design work begun in Buda and deepen the choreographic research begun recently in a studio. We will think about how to arrange these first two scenes of the show.”

Simon Loiseau & Marion Menan (FR/BE)

Simon Loiseau and Marion Menan collaborate at the crossroads of visual arts, theatre and dance to create installations and performances that use sculpture, photography, video, architecture and the body. These different media meet and transform each others to create sceneries in which light projections in space disrupt perception.

In residence

13 Dec 2021 – 18 Dec 2021

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