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School Of Love


School of love

This residency is dedicated to creating the structure, dramaturgy and content of Loverynth #1, #2, #3. This artistic creation process makes it possible to align internally and work on an artistic common language for SOL.

The coming Loverynth sessions will revolve around a comparison between a historical text about love, the Symposium by Plato, and what love could mean to us today.

School Of Love

School Of Love (SOL) is a collective based in Brussels. The members of SOL are American, Belgian, German, French, Irish, Israeli, Italian, Serbian, Swiss, Yugoslavian and have various artistic backgrounds. They develop collective artistic practices, which invite people to explore ways and skills of being and acting together. They do this by approaching love as a mode of engagement in political and social spheres. Love is more than a feeling: it’s a choice, a practice, an intention.

In residence

12 Feb 2024 – 23 Feb 2024

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