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Lucía Soto & Alumine Guerrero


Lucia de soto

“We come to BUDA with the aim of shaping 2 fundamental parts for the near future of our MALA project:

Develop the sound material of hype that we have just acquired. Transform your sound, play with your heart beat essence, intervene it, traffic it with electronic proposals, texts, etc.

Organize the trip in Argentina where we will make meetings with people who admire the world of folklore, malambo, to continue deepening, understood work, malambo today, the women of the malambo of yesterday even in the shadows. Devise this journey at visual record level. We will have meetings with and audiovisuel team (Melina Serber and Gerardo Azar) to decide lines of work. To discuss the friction-encounter between the documentary record and the fictional-poetic desire of the projector. How to imbricate these desires in the audiovisual part of the projector.

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Lucía Soto & Alumine Guerrero

Lucía Soto started her training in Buenos Aires in 1996 in contemporary dance and theater with different teachers; at the studio of Julio Chavez and the UNA (National University of Art). Her connection with the creation process has always been his motive and challenge, searching for her own language.

Aluminé Guerrero is a singer, songwriter, producer. Coming from a family of itinerant Argentine folk musicians, from a very early age he performs in the streets, on radio and on television in the framework of regional festivals in central and southern Argentina.

In residence

12 Sep 2022 – 24 Sep 2022

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