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L’Association Choregraphique / Agata Maszkiewicz (PL/FR)

Meeting J

“Together with Emma Tricard (and during the second week as well with Vincent Tirmarche), we will spend time in a studio of BUDA creating a pas du trois with a moving light. We will be busy with figuring out how one can become (in)dependent from, linked to, influenced/guided by or tuned with a light machine. The three of us will dance together treating a theatre lamp as an equal partner, or a friend or maybe even a lover.”

L’Association Choregraphique / Agata Maszkiewicz (PL/FR)

Agata Maszkiewicz is a a choreographer, a performer and a dancer. She was born in Poland, has studied in Austria and lives currently in the countryside of France (Charente). She loves to dance and wants to create pieces in which dance is interesting to look at.

“The Austrian critic, Helmut Ploebst once described me as a socio-critical choreographer. I’d like to think I am.”

In residence

02 Oct 2023 – 14 Oct 2023

On tour

01 Dec 2023 – 01 Dec 2023
Work in progress presentation: Grand huit festival / Nantes

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