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Werkplek in Kortrijk

Marieke & Sophia (BE/DE)


In BUDA, Marieke & Sophia delve into the theoretical research underpinning their performance and conduct their first experiment with material on the floor.

Marieke & Sophia (BE/DE)

Sophia and Marieke met while studying drama at KASK School of Arts, from which they graduated together in 2022 with the performance Guilty of Love. Marieke&Sophia try to develop a particular artistic language together. With humour and love, they seek to transform difficult, often painful content and bring it out of the taboo. For their new performance, they are assisted by Kristien De Proost.

In residence

29 May 2023 – 04 Jun 2023

On tour

22 Feb 2024 – 31 Aug 2024
Monty, Antwerpen | Campo, Gent | CC Nona, Mechelen | Buda, Kortrijk | Theater Aan Zee, Oostende

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