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Bint Mbareh

necromance the future

Bint Mbareh

When funghi die, they contribute to the growth of the community. Can fungi make us think differently about death? This performance links the fungi to martyrdom by means of traditional Palestinian music. A unique and musical performance.

Bint Mbareh

Bint Mbareh examines how sounds form a common source for ritual and transformation. For her master thesis at the Goldsmith University in London she zoomed in on the so-called rain songs and rituals with which Palestinian women make the dry season go over into the wet one. The thesis resulted in exhibitions, publications and a performance with improvised singing.

In residence

01 Nov 2021 – 18 Nov 2021

On tour

19 Nov 2021 – 19 Nov 2021
NEXT festival, kunstencentrum BUDA

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