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Werkplek in Kortrijk


Noon project

“For the past year we have been in a research around immersivity and the question of ‘how to be together’, regarding human and more-than-human actors. The research was built through several try-outs as we were looking for methods to connect with each other (including the visitors).

This research brought us to the creation of a new piece that is planned to premiere at the end of 2023. In BUDA we will start this creation process: imagining a world which functions closely to an eco-system, where all media (text, movement, sound, space) involved influence each other. The scenography will take a central role, guiding the visitors through.

In this residency we will do a bit more of dreaming but also take the first concrete steps (regarding collaborations, scenography ideas and movement work).”


NOON is a young multidisciplinary collective who has created a series of performative installations originating from questions around other ways of being together within the spaces we share. The collective is interested in events of entanglement between human and non-human actors, in a morfing of bodies, and in creating or rather discovering some kind of symbiosis.

In residence

12 Dec 2022 – 23 Dec 2022

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