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Raquel André & Cristina Carvalhal (PT)

Set The Table

Set The Table

SET THE TABLE is a show based on stories of women who live in Portugal, Croatia, Romania and Belgium.
In this show, a group of women come together to set a table, to build a table, to be a landscape-table for a meeting. Each part of this table is a piece of a puzzle with centuries of untold stories, and words to be named: hunger, home, meeting, work, intimacy, power, future and so many others. How many stories are stored within the precise way that a body organizes itself, or is organized, to eat? A table is an organic body. A mutant piece of furniture. An UFO on the living room carpet.

In BUDA we will be working with a group of local women to hear about their personal life stories. There will be many theatre-based group exercises that will hopefully inspire a friendly environment where we share a mutual understanding, communicating our strengths and fragilities, our joys and our problems, those big and small issues which constitute our daily lives. In the BUDA residency, we want to get a sense of being in touch with ourselves and with others in a deep way.

Raquel André & Cristina Carvalhal (PT)

Cristina Carvalhal (Lissabon, 1966) actress, director and pedagogue. With a degree in Theater and Education from Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema, she also studied with Eimuntas Nekrosius and Kristian Lupa, among others. She is the founder and the artistic director of Causas Comuns, a Portuguese performing arts company, since 2004.

Raquel André (1986, Portugal) artist, performer and actress. Master in Performing Arts at UFRJ (BR). Author and creator of Collection of People, a project that has been presented since 2014 in multiple venues in the world which comprehends shows, exhibitions, conferences, a book, online projects and performances.

In residence

23 Jun 2022 – 27 Jun 2022

On tour

15 Sep 2022 – 20 Nov 2022
Lisbon (Portugal), NEXT Festival

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