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Werkplek in Kortrijk

Egon Schoelynck (BE)


Soap - Egon Schoelynck

Soap stems from an exploration of identity and leaving what feels familiar. During the residency at BUDA, the goal is to experiment with different forms to create a new familiar space – and thus a new soap opera – in collaboration with the public. A work in progress will be on show at the festival Chambres d’O on Sunday 4 February in Ostend.

Egon Schoelynck (BE)

Egon Schoelynck (he/him, 1996) is a Sunday child and theatre maker with a fascination for space. His work is political and is located in black boxes, on paving stones and in collective collaborations.

In residence

08 Jan 2024 – 14 Jan 2024

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