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Werkplek in Kortrijk

Oona Libens (BE/SE)


Oona Libens

Spindle will be a performance based on the link between digital technology and weaving technology. It will be a dialogue between a spider and an artificial intelligence about technology and nature, mystery and information. During this residency, Oona will work mainly on the scenography and the technical aspect of the performance.

Oona Libens (BE/SE)

Oona Libens (°1987) is a Belgian-Swedish artist whose work hovers between visual and performative. She often uses analogue projection techniques that are manipulated live. By means of shadow play and other light effects, she creates a primitive universe bordering on object theatre, an analogue virtual reality that falters and stagnates.

In residence

07 Mar 2022 – 18 Mar 2022

On tour

06 Oct 2022 – 20 Jan 2023
Inkonst, Malmö | Vooruit, Gent | kc nona, Mechelen | STUK, Leuven

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