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Spring Refuge II

Spring Refuge

Spring Refuge II by radical_hope arrives in Kortrijk and sets up a space allowing for encounters ‘through practice and chance’. During three weeks – between May 8 and 26 – people are invited to engage with a series of practices proposed by Heike Langsdorf, Simone Basani and others. The Refuge is closed with a public sharing moment on Friday 26 May, co-composed by the people who ‘were around’ engaging with the space and each other

On some days there will be planned activities, on others the space will be ‘open’ for unplanned encounters, hanging out and spontaneous practicing.

Spring Refuge II takes place in BK6 expo (Broelkaai 6, 8500 Kortrijk). When you see the Spring Refuge II poster at the entrance, it means the space is open. If you don’t want to take any risk or want to know more about the planned activities, please send an email to Simone at:

Spring Refuge II is a next step of a wider trajectory called Post/Pandemics. Since August 2022, Post/Pandemics explores the question of how a group becomes a group, how a group meets other groups, and how the concept of social integration is in itself a highly questionable one. How can one counter the assumption that there is such a thing as a clear-cut society to which the other must conform?

Rather than using calls for participation, selection processes, or strategies to ensure diversity or exclusivity, Post/Pandemics prefers to rely on chance in inviting people into a process of exploration: places where there is an exploration of what happens when we do NOT obsessively search for solutions to problems, achievements, results, or ultimate alternatives to the status quo. Freed from the pressure to produce the aforementioned, we might find ways to live satisfying life/s.

Post/Pandemics is a 2-year process initiated by radical_hope, which is a framework for artistic research/es and co-creation/s.

production: radical_hope
co-production: De Markten, BUDA, KAAP
initiation, choreography: Heike Langsdorf
dramaturgy: Simone Basani
mediation: Alice Ciresola
Participants: Bilal Kamilla Arnout, Charif Bendriss, Siham Swaileim, Anne-Claire Kelam Epse Masso Mika, Saloua Achabouch, Johanna Jacobs, Mira Verstraeten, Elisabeth Ida, Ivan Azazian, Bieke De Bie, Nora Bajram, Marie Louise, Duminik, Hilde Van Geel, Sandrien Bilterest, Nadj, Soro…
Practitioners invited to share their practice during the Refuge weeks: Joan Somers Donnelly, Noah Geistlich, Mira Verstraeten, Katya Ev, Amina Saadi, Johanne Mortgat, Laura Oriol
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Radical_hope is a platform for artistic research/es and co-creation/s.

Dancer and performance artist Heike Langsdorf (BE/DE) lives and works in Brussels. She studied contemporary dance at ArtEZ Arnhem and followed the postmaster program a.pass. She has worked with and for various theater makers, choreographers, visual artists and architects and in parallel always developed work in collective and co-creative settings. Since 2010 she develops work with radical_hope and since 2018 develops the project radical_house and since 2022 co-curates this place together with Simone Basani and Alice Ciresola. In dialogue with her artistic work, since 2013, she develops and maintains a pedagogic practice within and beyond the school context.

Simone Basani (IT/BE) is a curator, dramaturg and art producer. His research focuses on participatory strategies and memory processes. The main outcomes of this research are curatorial site-specific formats in which he invites artists and other peers to respond to specific questions and collective constructions of physical sites for critical thinking.

In residence

08 May 2023 – 26 May 2023

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