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#Learning Together

BOK Kortrijk

BOK Learning Days Kortrijk

Welcome in the temporary BOK classroom. You can come listen and learn from different ‘bodies of knowledge’, people from the neighborhood or elsewhere in the city who will share life-knowledge that can nurture a more just society. This public program is the result of a two-week workshop with the BOK team and a group of […]

Shake your skills #2

Shake your Skills #2

Shake your skills is a cross-border collaboration on artistic research, development and exchange between artists, among themselves, and organisations. Collective work is done on the questions, difficulties and insets from the six different projects the artists are working on – focusing on a non-hierarchical transfer of knowledge, exchange of experience, practice and development of artistic […]

Etat des Lieux

As part of our Learning Together programme, Buda is embarking on a new collaboration with nadine – a brussels-based trans-disciplinary organisation – to share three works in the making with the public over the course of a day. The programme is detailed below. Everyone is welcome! Etat des Lieux are collective showings where artists and […]

Spring Refuge

Spring Refuge II

Spring Refuge II by radical_hope arrives in Kortrijk and sets up a space allowing for encounters ‘through practice and chance’. During three weeks – between May 8 and 26 – people are invited to engage with a series of practices proposed by Heike Langsdorf, Simone Basani and others. The Refuge is closed with a public […]

OPEN CALL: Writing workshop that addresses the relationship to our dead

This workshop is part of our Learning Together program and the research project “Speakers for the deads” of the filmmaker Fabrizio Terranova. Fabrizio has invited Vinciane Despret to imagine and give a writing and performance workshop that addresses the relationship to our dead. Each candidate can write in the language he/she chooses. Discussions will be […]

Performative Publications

At a.pass researchers seek to develop public formats of research-doing and -sharing while the process is ongoing. Finding a good way to share research is itself a tool in the research process. These Publications often fall outside of academic formats of what it is to “publish research” and are very specific to the artistic methods […]

Shake your Skills (capsule 1)

A project by Happynest/Superamas, detheatermaker, Next and arts centre BUDA. With participation of: Anna Ten, Compagnie Paradoxos, La Lune Qui Gronde, Mooni van Tichelt, Rachid Laachir, Marie Schraepen and Sophia Bauer. Through two different calls, Superamas/Happynest – in the North of France – and BUDA with detheatermaker – in Flanders – each select three young […]

True Fiction – working the in-betweens (COMPLETE)

Nada Gambier is preparing a series of night walks in cooperation with Zusjes Stoere Broers and BUDA. During these night walks you are invited to visit people who work at night, in factories and petrol stations, taxis and truck stops, but also to learn about Nada’s research through playfully structured conversations and games. The visits […]

Set the table


Cristina Carvalhal & Raquel André: SET THE TABLE In June, Portuguese artists Cristina Carvalhal & Raquel André will be in residence at BUDA Arts Centre. Together with their team, they are working on their latest performance SET THE TABLE. A group of women come together to build a table, to set a table and to […]

The Crip SChool

The Crip School

In BUDA we are developing a Learning Together programme. It is a collective space for critical reflection, forging links both within and outside the artistic community. During the festival, Learning Together takes the shape of a ‘school’. A place where art is shared in a different way, where we put ways of doing, thinking and […]

Fabrizio Terranova personal archives

Speakers for the dead

Fabrizio Terranova proposes a first phase of his residency at BUDA, which will constitute the starting point of this experimental quest. A residency full of ghosts, dedicated to living spirits that need to be nourished. A residency to prepare a future film in honor of a beloved one who has disappeared. Lecture by Fabrizio Terranova […]

The Futurology of Cooperation

The Futurology of Cooperation: TIKKUMST

18:00 | Doors open 19:00 | Possibility to have dinner (paying) 20:21 | Sunset 20:22 | Start TIKKUMST 07:17 | End TIKKUMST (with breakfast) 07:18 | Sunrise In the Jewish tradition ‘Tikkun’ is an event in which a community spends the night together studying. The meaning of the word Tikkun in Hebrew is Repair. The […]

The Futurology of Cooperation

The research project ‘Futurology of Cooperation’ aims to democratize the tools of ‘Futures Studies’ and turn them into an instrument of mutant cooperation and time-traveling within the reach of all. On the 1st of April they will launch a first version of their living archive, and they will invite some kindred spirits to share their […]


Toward NOA #5 Inhabiting rituals of living and grieving

Artist Mounira Al Solh and editorial collective Qalqalah قلقلة embark on a joint research investigating forms of communal living; the production of feminist spaces and gestures; and the invention of rituals of care and grieving for the living and the dead accross multiple languages. It is anchored in the history of beguinage in Kortrijk and […]


The Futurology of Cooperation

“The research project ‘The Futurology of Cooperation‘ was conceived as a training camp for our imagination. We want to sharpen our competence to imagine new possibilities of collaborating, thinking and living together. By fitting out our imagination with concrete and existing tools, by inventing new ones and sharing them with others, we want to train […]

School of Love

School of Love

SCHOOL OF LOVE: A RESIDENCY IN A SCHOOL ABOUT THE SCHOOL School of Love is a platform for collective practices – where love as a form of political being – and therefore public interest – is taught at school. This practice was initiated in 2016 by students and teachers of the Autonomous Design department at […]



A sensitive radio program, live from Budascoop for Almost Summer Festival 2021, made less of quotidian informations and urgencies of ‘breaking news’ than of temporal deformations and duration fiven to the repairing gestures of artistic proceesses linked with political context. Listen to the radio programme founded in January 2009 in Berlin is an interdisciplinary […]

Fabrizio Terranova

Speakers for the dead

A mysterious residency, in several small steps, sometimes public (conferences, film programs, workshops, …), sometimes just to do research. . A space full of ghosts in every corners… in order to prepare a new movie celebrating a very dear one who disappeared but is still there and forever will! in the frame of Learning Together

Daniela Bershan

Radically Reproducing Together

Movements around the world are screaming into our faces about the states of permanent systemic violence and injustice, permanent destruction of our planet’s resources, permanent evaluations of our lives and seemingly permanent division from each other. The organization of the relation between reproduction and production is a key to understand and make visible how these […]

The Futurology of Cooperation

The Futurology of Cooperation

Take part in this collective and participatory experiment in time travel! The research project ‘Futurology of Cooperation’ aims to democratize the tools of ‘Futures Studies’ and turn them into an instrument of mutant cooperation and time-traveling within the reach of all. On the 1st of April they will launch a first version of their living […]

Am I Evil?

JEANNE. Or the Western Touch: Am I Evil?

Can erotic writing become a place for decolonial and feminist exploration? How could one embrace the tools of erotic writing to investigate power processes of discrimination, nanoracism, marginalization, exoticization, abuse and seduction from diverse perspectives? “Am I Evil?” is an erotic writing workshop, curated by Simone Basani & Alice Ciresola “Am I Evil?” is a […]

Reflecting Light

Reflecting Light: lightresidency

A four-year research and education project focused on the practice of lighting design at KASK Ghent, in collaboration with Kunstencentrum BUDA. Even though the postdramatic turn in the performing arts has radically reshuffled the dramaturgical hierarchy of different signifying entities that are at stake in a work of art, light as an essential signifier and […]

School of Love

School of Love is een platform met collectieve praktijken die stammen uit reflecties over de notie ‘liefde’ als een publiek belang en als politieke manier van zijn. Liefde als iets dat zou moeten onderwezen worden op school. Het initiatief voor SOL kwam er in 2016, door een aantal studenten van de opleiding Autonome Vormgeving aan […]

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