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Effi & Amir (BE/IL)

The 8th Letter

Effi & Amir

Effi & Amir will develop the performance The 8th Letter, a participatory performance that continues their preoccupation with the various ways in which our oral cavity becomes a mobile checkpoint. During the residency in BUDA they will work on the piece’s scenography and its adaptation to the space.

Effi & Amir (BE/IL)

Effi & Amir are artists-filmmakers based in Brussels. They studied fine arts at the Bezalel academy, Jerusalem and The Sandberg Institut, Amsterdam and are active as a duo since 1999. Their practice includes filmmaking, vidéo, performance and participatory projects. Effi & Amir’s work is shown locally and internationally in film festivals, museums, art and art centres. In parallel, they collaborate with other artists, filmmakers and choreographers as editors, cameramen and effect designers. They teach and conduct workshops with various audiences worldwide.

In residence

16 May 2022 – 20 May 2022

On tour

10 Jun 2022 – 19 Jun 2022
Almost Summer festival, kunstencentrum BUDA

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