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Werkplek in Kortrijk

Marion Storm (US/FR) & Alex Viteri (CO/DE) & Daniel Lühmann (BR/FR)

The Apparitions Method, or like-liquid ~~ (gathering practices for 3+)

How to begin before we begin…

We write letters to the space. We write a science fiction incorporating our experience, what we know and what we long for for this project that exists in body, in terrain, in archive, in the nature of our gathering.
We perform three 1-hour solo inquiries into this << organism-as-part-of-ecology >> dancer / reef idea practicing the how of how we shift to each new section of movement material and what is triggered in the space in terms of sound… environment… place of the witness…. start with configurations based on coral reef systems.
We mark the edges of the studio (this territory) with sound.
A warm up : we get really hot, sweaty, high heart-beat, then take turns giving one another our heart and entering into a duet.
An image : a dancer downstage right moving upstage left in silence with intense side lighting doubled over, undulating, splayed rib cage, viscera-visceral.
We take a day to be silent with one another, including during meals + a siesta.
We create a return for ourselves; keep in touch with whoever visits us.
Imagining this as a dance for dancers.
Which dancers? The last generation of dancers.

What? Woah! The last dancers. As if they were pre-us and we are something else doing something different for them than dancing but, in fact, dancing.

We research, we bring texts, we read outloud.
We architect a sound bath. >>> We make a sound bank.
Worrying very little about a ‘final thing’. Dancing a lot.

Marion Storm (US/FR) & Alex Viteri (CO/DE) & Daniel Lühmann (BR/FR)

Marion, Daniel and Alex are artist-researchers who first worked together in spring 2021 as part of Marion’s research at the Master Exerce in Montpellier, France. Since then, they have practised and performed their embodied research together. They work trans-locally and in hybrid assemblages for numerous collectives, publications, pedagogical experiments, and dance projects concerned with ecology & the poetics of transmission.

In residence

19 Sep 2022 – 01 Oct 2022

On tour

15 Oct 2022 – 18 Oct 2022
A radio transmission from the garden, community garden plot north-east of Berlin

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