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Werkplek in Kortrijk

Lucia Palladino (IT/BE)

The forest_

The forest_ performs transitional contexts within which language means from the encounter with those who pass through them. It thus creates a performative system out of what words “are not yet” but can become in the near future, making explicit the concrete and transformative possibility of “entering the world.” The research is developing a performance, a publication and an installation which are sets of worlds in the world, simple technologies of complexity.

Lucia Palladino (IT/BE)

Lucia Palladino an independent multi media artist and researcher in the field of performance and choreography based in Brussels.
She combines and inform her artistic practice with motherhood since she was 23.
She produces site-specific, long durational performances and game based devices, videos and writing as forms of resistance to fixed notions of identity, to institutions, and as tools for institutional critique and as anti-capitalistic practices for the bodies in relation to the landscapes they are immersed in.

In residence

17 May 2023 – 27 May 2023

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