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LostMovement Collective

Touch has memory

LostMovement Collective

Starting from the notion of the body as archive, this residency focuses on exploring the memory and experience of touch and its relationship to sound. Through interviews and one-on-one meetings with local people, they collect written and audio material related to memories of touch. Using instant composition and choreography to guide their creation, they aim to create a space for dialogue with the collected material.
During their residency at BUDA, they will complete the research work done during their two previous residencies, Codedans (BE) & Isadora Duncan (GR), and create a performance piece.

LostMovement Collective

Dieter Defurne (BE)is a mover, dancer, teacher, multidisciplinary artist in denial, a self-sabotaging, doubting dance maker and movement researcher. Active as an independent artist in Ghent Belgium, he focuses on his own research into the body-as-archive and the method of Lingering dance, which starts from the idea of taking time for movement to appear through external factors.

Maria Pisiou (GR) is a performer, choreographer and researcher based in Amsterdam. Her choreographic and conceptual work is expressed through the composition of scores, sound, video and movement to create immersive environments. She values the element of chance and failure and sees them as motivating forces that can cause shifts in already defined patterns and movement habits.

Fernanda Gonzalez Morales (MX) unites her background in history, dance and theater to approach moments of transition with a focus not on static realities but on interconnected possibilities. Her practice is embedded in feminist and decolonial frameworks that offer a critical understanding of our current socio-political and affective conditions and facilitate the reimagining of alternative futures.

In residence

04 Apr 2022 – 17 Apr 2022

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