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Myriam Pruvot (FR/BE)

Twisthead  (working title)

Twisthead (c) Lucia Lucenska

Twisthead  (working title) is a musical and documentary piece for musician-performers. The original story originated in Geel, Flanders, where since the Middle Ages, pilgrimages and celebrations of the figure of Dymphne, patron saint of “mad people”, have been organized. From this unusual guardianship, which passed from the hands of the church to those of the state, Twisthead questions the institutions of the family and the hospital. By interweaving historical investigation, song and music, in a game of twists that unsettles our certainties : madmen heal, daughters rule and kings die.

Myriam Pruvot (FR/BE)

Myriam Pruvot is a multidisciplinary vocal artist. While her work borrows from a wide range of media – installation, performance, text, radio and composition – it is always permeated by the question of song, language and place. She is particularly interested in the political, poetic and philosophical dimensions of these objects.

In residence

29 Jan 2024 – 10 Feb 2024

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