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Castélie Yalombo

Water, l’atterrée des eaux vives

water l'atterree des eaux vives

Everything in Castelie Yalombo’s choreography is unstable. She is alone on stage, but her body seems to be manipulated from the outside. Her movements are disjointed: suddenly, with her eyes closed in front of a basin of water, she shapes her limbs and movements as if her body is guided by conflicting forcesshe has become her own puppeteer. With this performance, Castelie Yalombo creates a choreography of rare power. Starting from the relationship with her own identity – born in Belgium to a Belgian mother and a Congolese father – she undertakes what she defines as her odyssey in the space of a mixed identity. In front of the audience, her body is crossed by various historical references, but they dissolve every time to claim a singularity more complex than fixed categories. She moves in a space surrounded by clay sculptures, whose colors evoke different tones of skin, while the forms bring to mind a body’s matter before it takes shape, before it is enclosed in a distinct identity. She moves between one image and another in a unique, hypnotic fashion until she becomes a clown, the only figure authorized to speak outside the box.

Castélie Yalombo

Castélie Yalombo Lilonge is a Spanish/Belgian/Congolese artist, born and living in Brussels. Graduated from ULB as well as a Master from the Higher Institute of Choreographic Arts of ARBA-ESA in 2020. She collaborates as a dancer-performer, external gaze, co-creator. Her artisticpractice is at the intersection of choreography (in its broader meaning), installation and poeticspeech.

In residence

05 Apr 2022 – 17 Apr 2022

On tour

18 Jun 2022 – 18 Jun 2022
Almost Summer festival, kunstencentrum BUDA

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