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Teresa Acevedo (ES)


Teresa Acevedo

“During my residency in BUDA I’ll share the bases of my research project WIDENING with 3 artists: Nanyadji KaGara, Amélie Marneffe and Paulina Ruiz Carballido. Our aim is to experiment, exchange and improve different tools to approach movement and voice work, to develop what I call chore-o-vocal practices. WIDENING is also based on the desire to de-stage dance, to get it out of the system of creation-production-diffusion of shows, by allowing encounters and exchanges between different people, different communities, so we’ll be reflecting on those possibilities as well.”

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Teresa Acevedo (ES)

Teresa Acevedo is a performer & choreographer, and supports performing arts projects as a production & tour manager. She has created different solo pieces and at the same time she’s been collaborating with different artists as a performer in projects ranging from choreographic pieces to in situ performances, multimedia art, sound art, theater and cinema. She also gives workshops and organises laboratories where we explore the relation between body movement and voice.

In residence

16 Jan 2023 – 28 Jan 2023

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