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Werkplek in Kortrijk

Gérald Kurdian (FR/US/BE)

X ! (un opéra fantastique)

Gérald Kurdian

The BUDA residency is divided in two sequences. One focusing on the text and singing score of the piece in the studio 0 and a second one on lights, video and sound technique in the Budascoop.

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Gérald Kurdian (FR/US/BE)

Gérald Kurdian (they/them) is a musician, performer and DJ based in Brussels whose musical performances have been presented widely in Europe and abroad.
Since 2017, they are the mother of ceremony of the Hot Bodies of the Future production house in the frame of which they initiated amongst others the Hot Bodies choirs project and the Hot Bodies_Club inclusive parties. Since 2020 they are one of the fellow researcher artists of the ESACM.

In residence

29 Aug 2022 – 13 Sep 2022
Budascoop & Budatoren

On tour

04 Nov 2022 – 10 Dec 2022
Festival d’Automne Paris / Vooruit Gent / Kaaitheater Brussel

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