Cinema, Podium en
Werkplek in Kortrijk

Dan Musset

First Date

interactive game
Budafabriek Kortrijk
Free entrance
THU 19 until SUN 22 October
9:00 tot 18:00 (school weeks)
10:00 tot 18:00 (weekend)
in collaboration with Howest/Devine & DURF2030
in the frame of Wonder


A role-playing game with the smartphone!

First Date is a live interactive game, in which participants roleplay situations scripted from the narratives of everyday life, simply by following a series of instructions on their smartphones.

First Date seeks intimacy and connection in places that usually do not suggest it, by playfully reversing unwritten rules and power relations. The date blurs the thin line between fiction and reality, giving way to empathy and understanding.

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