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Heine Avdal & Yukiko Shinozaki / fieldworks

gone here (yet) to come

WO 24 may | 20:15
Budascoop Theatre 1
Duration: 1h
Dance, performance


We move from plan A to B to C to D. While everything is on hold, we pretend, we simulate, we try to continue and make do. While we reconsider the history that is our point of reference, we imagine the future in which we will all be here together again. We collaborate across distances and stage the spaces in which presently absent performers may one day make an appearance. We move in and out and focus on the space beyond the visible. The worlds underneath the surface we walk on. The landscapes under our feet. The layers beyond what is shown. Today’s new present presents itself as a challenge, as yet another space in which and with which to work, another space to interrogate, to infiltrate, to adapt to, and to subtly shift, from the inside out. In gone here (yet) to come, the theatre space becomes a canvas onto which different realities are projected. The performance molds and sculpts the space and the air that fills it. It transforms time. It highlights what lies outside of this space: its margins and edges, and what pours in through the cracks and holes in the boundaries that define it. Digging, deeper and deeper, into the space and the time of the theater, gone here (yet) to come excavates lost memories. (g)hosts guide the audience on a journey, revealing other versions or dimensions of the world as we know it.

In collaboration with Schouwburg Kortrijk

Heine Avdal (Norway) has been active in the fields of contemporary dance, performance, video and visual arts. He questions how spatial conventions affect the way we experience and move through private/public spaces. Considering people’s preconceptions of spatial conventions and through slight shifts, or manipulations he searches for unexpected intersections between different components of a space.

Yukiko Shinozaki (Japan) is a choreographer and dancer. Her work focuses on internal complexities and contradictions of the body. The process of transformation takes an important role in her movement vocabulary: through subtle shifts and manipulations, familiar actions slowly transform into an unfamiliar realm/landscape.

Avdal and Shinozaki founded their own company fieldworks (Belgium) in 2000.
Their work is concerned with “performativity” and allow for an open interpretation of movement as a heterogeneous combination of a variety of media. Consequently, the artists draw on a broad range of disciplines and expertise: performance, dance, visual arts, video, music, and technology. Recurrent themes in the productions include the relationship between performer and spectator, the non-hierarchical approach to the various elements of a performance, and the exploration of both theatrical and non-theatrical environments.

For a full overview of all performances, see fieldworks website

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“Gone here (yet) to come explores the theatre apparatus through a consistent negation of the dominant preference for the visible – for light, and the humanistic definition of art as a site of enlightenment connected with the notion of “Bildung.” Simultaneously, gone here (yet) to come stages the blackness of the imminent future of the ecological crisis that is currently happening.” — Rudi Laermans - Etcetera
“Het spel met de mogelijkheden van de theaterruimte kruipt meer onder je vel dan je zou denken. Je blijft aan het einde achter met een sterk gevoel van ontvreemding. Tegelijk is er dat tintelende gevoel dat je weer weet waarom live voorstellingen zo belangrijk zijn” — pzazz

Concept and direction: Heine Avdal, Yukiko Shinozaki
Management: Bob Van Langendonck
Created and performed by: Heine Avdal, Tale Dolven, Krisjanis Sants, Yukiko Shinozaki, Oleg Soulimenko
Also performed by: Yuika Hashimoto, Ingrid Haakstad
Produced by: Avdal Production, fieldworks
Co-produced by: Black Box teater (Oslo), BIT Teatergarasjen (Bergen), RIMI/IMIR Scenekunst (Stavanger), PACT Zollverein (Essen)
Also created with: Anika Edström Kawaji, Gabel Eiben, Ieva Gaurilčikaitė Sants, Ingrid Haakstad, Yumi Osanai
Dramaturgy: Sara Jansen
Sound design: Roeland Luyten
Light design: Ryoya Fudetani
Stage & Light technique: Michael Janssen
Residency support: Kaaitheater (Brussels), BUDA (Kortrijk), STUK (Leuven), wpZimmer (Antwerp), Netwerk (Aalst), workspacebrussels (Brussels)
Funded by: Vlaamse Overheid, Norsk Kulturråd

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