Cinema, Podium en
Werkplek in Kortrijk

Ine Claes / Kamikamka


Duration: 50 minutes
Location: Muziekcentrum Track
in the frame of Night Air (Festival Kortrijk)
in collaboration with Wilde Westen

Voice artist and choreographer Ine Claes once again seeks a demanding challenge for the performer and has invited choreographer and performer Benjamin Vandewalle for this duet between body and voice. Surrounded by spectators from all sides, Claes and Vandewalle perform both vocal composition and dance movement, within a fluid framework of compositional assignments and tasks. This demanding challenge generates a surprising and constantly changing aural and visual landscape.

Claes and Vandewalle remain attentive to their surroundings and remain constantly connected throughout the performance. Their play of voice and movement simultaneously results in a fascinating sense of tension and a variety of unexpected connections, disconnections and resonances between their bodies and between the various sounds and movements they generate. HUSH is a performance that starts from listening, building connections with each other and the environment. An ode to communication in its purest form and to the freedom of self-expression.

Night Air is the eclectic little brother of Festival Kortrijk. An unpredictable mini-festival that surfs between classical, electronica, contemporary and experimental. On 4 March, Music Centre Track and concert hall De Kreun will become the playground of the new generation: unpredictable, innovative and with its own stamp. As a visitor, you choose what you see: a ticket gives access to the full programme.

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Muzikaal & choreografisch concept, realisatie en performance: Ine Claes
Gecreëerd en uitgevoerd met: Benjamin Vandewalle
Geluidsdesign: Marc Doutrepont
Lichtontwerp: Gaspar Schelck
Kostuum design: Frédérick Denis
Muzikaal coach: Mathieu Calleja
Dramaturgie: Sara Jansen
Outside eye: Jan Martens
Een kamikamka productie / Coproductie C-TAKT, La Place de la Danse CDCN Toulouse Occitanie, Théâtre de Vanves / Met de steun van Kunstencentrum BUDA, Musica Impulscentrum voor Muziek, Kunstencentrum KAAP, GC De Rinck en Ulule crowdfunders

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