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Werkplek in Kortrijk

Laurens Verbeke

Tuinesia: columbus without bus

Location: BK6, Garden Broelkaai 6 (8500 Kortrijk)
Language: Dutch
Tickets: €5

Laurens Verbeke

About finding a lot when you stop searching in life. Laurens Verbeke, the man behind the TV programme comes to talk about letting go of your goal, trusting your inner compass and being able to divert your attention from what your head thinks it should be doing. He invites us to follow more often the intention of the unintended and thus to find our way again and again.

In cooperation with:
Avansa DURF 2030

Laurens Verbeke is author, known for ‘De Columbus’ (2019) and ‘Columbussen zonder bus’ (2021). As a television producer, he first worked for the production company Woestijnvis for about ten years. At this former purveyor of VRT, he was at the cradle of the daily magazine Man Bijt Hond (one) in 1997, among other things. In 2007, he became programme director of VTM and the television stations of Medialaan (now DPG). With enthusiasts, he founded his own production house in 2014. In addition to programmes such as Het Goeie Leven and Van Algemeen Nut, he also developed De Columbus, the programme in which Wim Lybaert was led into the unknown with well-known guests for four seasons.

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