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Werkplek in Kortrijk

Hugo Beersmans & Simon Allemeersch

Tuinesië: after the Klimaatzaak there is the… Woonzaak

Location: BK6, Broelkaai 6 (8500 Kortrijk)
Language: Dutch
Tickets: €5


Honorary Administrator General Hugo Beersmans is a retired top official. Although, rest…he changed shoulders with the gun and is now an activist. The housing issue has not let go of him. He is a spokesperson for the Flemish Housing Association. In the housing case, numerous organisations brought a lawsuit in Strasbourg to have Flanders put on trial. Rents are skyrocketing, there is not enough social housing and many people are unable to live in a decent home.

He talks to theatre maker Simon Allemeersch, who uses a staged and DIY-like world to give substance to his cooperation with organisations that have no connection with the theatre. Since 2010, the social housing blocks of Rabot in Ghent and the entire Rabot neighbourhood have been a thread in his work, with a focus on the individual person and the larger social structures, architecture and landscape, and the personal fictions with which people can sustain their existence.

In cooperation with:

Avansa DURF 2030

Hugo Beersmans, co-author of the Flemish Housing Code in the 1990s, has been Honorary Administrator General of Wonen-Vlaanderen since 2013. He is now a spokesperson for the Woonzaak.

Simon Allemeersch is a theatre maker and doctoral researcher at UGent, and belongs to the loose collective Lucinda Ra. In 2010, he set up his personal studio in a social housing tower in the Rabot district of Ghent for his earlier production Rabot 4-358. For the documentary presentation ‘Rabot 2’, Simon will visit the people he worked with then to see how they are doing now.

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