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CineMAATjes, which is every Sunday afternoon and once a month on Wednesday afternoon film party for the youngest film fans. From October to April kids can come to tinker, make their own animated films, and enjoy films in Budascoop. For very young explorers as well as for the slightly older and bolder!

Make your own shadow puppets, work on a short animated film, or discover the history of cinema through zoetropes, praxinoscopes and flipbooks – or via optical illusions and games.

Want to invite your friends to a movie to celebrate your birthday? Budascoop is the place to be!

Birthday parties


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Birthday parties

Each time a film for young audiences is playing, children who are having their birthday can climb on one of our golden cinema seats, enjoy a birthday basket filled with delicious snacks, and play with our giant cinéMammoth before and after the film.

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Young and enthusiastic film fans between 7 and 12 years old have their own place in BUDA! Right in front of the big screen, that is, with a spotlight and a microphone. Our BUDAmbassadors introduce films every month during Cinemaatjes, and daily during the Spinrag JEF festival. They even get to interview actors and directors! Feel like joining in? Send a mail to

Cinémammoet at your place?

We have a mobile cinémammoet with which we bring film fun to you. Want to plan a cinephile afternoon in your school or for your organisation? Mail to

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