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Sara Manente White Garden

Feminist School: White Garden

This year’s Feminist School of the festival takes the form of a White Garden. Choreographer and researcher Sara Manente focuses on the intersection between living art and living cultures. In the various versions of her ROT Garden, these two worlds collide. Every ROT Garden is a multi-layered landscape installation consisting of sounds, smells, texts, textures, and dance. After her Black Garden in Brussels, about doom scenarios, and her Green Garden on ecology, she creates a White Garden in Kortrijk.

This White Garden is inspired by fermentation techniques and the world of fungus. Especially mycelium, an underground network of fungal threads that connects all the trees and plants in a forest. For Manente, this is a symbol for the network of relationships we engage in as humans. The various performances that are part of White Garden also connect the present (Tamar Levit & Yaën S. Levi), past (Goda Palekaité & Milda Januševičiūtė), and a yet unknown future (Norberto Llopis Segarra). 

Follow the threads to Budatoren and be transported on an unexpected journey. Sara Manente is setting up a small library and reading spot with the books that inspired her. And the installation DUST by Tamar and Yaën is free to visit.

A conversation with Sara Manente

The library


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