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Un Amor

ES 2023, 2h10
Director: Isabel Coixet
Spanish spoken, Dutch and French subtitles
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Un amor

After escaping busy city life, Nat ends up in La Escapa, a rustic village in Spain. In a small dilapidated house, she tries to get her life back on track. Her landlord, a true macho man, comes and goes as he pleases and takes no responsibility for the dilapidated state of the house. There is also neighbor Peter, an artist with a somewhat unconventional lifestyle, who immediately shows his interest in her. And finally, there is Andreas, who is suddenly at the door and makes her a bizarre and disturbing proposal. As a result of that strange encounter, an obsessive passion develops that consumes her internally and makes her question the kind of woman she is. Isabel Coixet’s film adaptation “Un amor” is based on the Spanish literary success of Sara Mesa.

TUE 30 APRIL | 08:00 PM
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