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Will you become a Friend of BUDA?

A fund of cultural friends to offer more to those less fortunate.

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kick off fonds

kick off fonds

kick off fonds

With the new ‘Friends of BUDA Fund’, we want to structurally anchor our social actions and no longer limit them to film. By becoming a Friend of BUDA, you support our inclusive activities and help create culture for people with less.

Arts centre BUDA has for years been firmly committed to reaching people and groups with little or no access to art and culture: children and young families in poverty, young people in institutions, newcomers, un- or low-skilled people, people with disabilities….

With the donations in the film fund, BUDA realised in the past two years:

  • 2 5-day film camps during which 15 children living in poverty learned to act, edit and direct a film together, all under professional guidance;
  • 16 workshops in 8 youth institutions, 2 concentration schools and 3 neighbourhoods;
  • 12 actions and 10 guided tours for specific target groups such as Ajko, A’kzie, Group Intro, Tajo, De Kier and others.;
  • 4 ‘clear language’ leaflets for non-native speakers or newcomers;
  • 3 free film screenings for social organisations working with people in vulnerable positions;
  • 3,872 people who benefited from the UiTPAS special reduction rate (20% of the standard price).

In addition, BUDA also focused, among other things, on greater accessibility for the hearing- and visually-impaired.

In addition to a structural partner of €5,000, we are looking for 10 supporting partners of €1,000 each year and at least 100 generous culture lovers who each donate €50 (or more) to offer more to people who have less. In exchange for that donation, the King Baudouin Foundation automatically provides a tax certificate which allows you, as a generous donor, to receive 45% of your contribution back via your taxes. (So if you really want to donate €50, you better gift €100.)

Preferably, we ask companies, organisations or service clubs to sign up for 2 or 3 years to make the Fund sustainable. This way, we can not only support young people, but also develop the right tools for adults. In 2024, BUDA’s operation around inclusivity will be extended with new actions for neurodivergent people, including making visual preparation available, organising low-stimulus dance and theatre performances and the first experiments with low-stimulus cinema. For now, no Belgian cinema offers this. Let’s pioneer in this together.

Deposit your donation here or transfer your donation to the King Baudouin Foundation’s project account BE10 0000 0000 0404 with the structured message: +++623/3861/40036++++.

Together we will make arts centre BUDA a warm nest for all. Know that through your contribution, BUDA offers an ever-growing group access to art and culture for the first time. We give children and young people a ‘voice’ and self-confidence by letting them develop their own visual language in film workshops or teach them to look at the world differently and more broadly through film, theatre or dance. In time, several of these young people become workshop attendant or reception staff member themselves at BUDA.

This is a project with the support of Streekfonds West-Vlaanderen, managed by the King Baudouin Foundation.

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