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School of Love
School of Love

Learning Together

Learning Together is a pedagogical platform implemented in BUDA, it’s a collective space for critical reflection, forging links both within and outside the artistic community. The aim is to equip each other, to inform each other’s practices, to cross-fertilise the production of sensitive and theoretical knowledge.

Learning Together intends to slow down the constrained rhythm of artistic projects in order to find a common breath, to put into perspective ways of doing, thinking and existing and to build alliances between different sensibilities, practices and histories.

Implanted in a place of residences such as BUDA, Learning Together will take advantage of the resources offered by the place, its spaces and possibilities for sharing a common time, where art, work and life are partly decompartmentalised.

Learning Together will invent itself according to the proposals of artists and art actors. For each programme, the appropriate forms of public sharing will be decided upon, from small working groups to open sessions open to a larger public.

Feminist School / APAP Feminist Futures is part of Learning Together

The Feminist School is a format thought to enable a constant exchange of practices and knowledge among partners, artists and audiences in a non-hierarchical, feminist environment, while offering all participants the opportunity to acquire new skills.

Developed through the years in BUDA, feminist School will highlight some projects during Feminist Future festival happening in June 2023.

School of Love

08/02/2021 – 26/03/2021

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