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Federico Protto (UY/IT)


Federico Protto

MAPA is an ongoing artistic research attempting to strengthen cross-continental kinship through interweaving various aspects and stories of migration. The work harbours practices of relating, encounter, sensing, mapping, negotiation, remembering, and entanglement to reflect upon territory, ancestry, (co)existence, and the inter-personal. It is expressed in a series of performances ranging from lectures and workshops to choreographic scores and happens periodically between Europe and Federico’s birthplace Uruguay. Fellow artists Jimena Pérez Salerno and Carolina Mendonça will also participate in MAPA.

In BUDA Federico will do research on the 3rd lecture-performance of the series, as well as further rehearse choreographic aspects.

Federico Protto (UY/IT)

Federico Protto studied at a.pass, Brussels, and the University of Applied Arts, Vienna (AT). His work has been in touch with several artistic entities and institutions, amongst others Centro Cultural de España, Montevideo (UY), Red Dawns queer and feminist Festival, Ljubljana (SLV), MOMU Antwerp Fashion Museum/DeSingel, Antwerpen (BE), The Green Corridor, Brussels (BE), and a.pass, Brussels (BE).

Hs artistic practice and research unfolds across performance, sound, and fashion. ‘Spanning a hybrid network of materialities, practices, and collaborators I aim at contributing to im/material forms and tools for decolonial kinship.’


In residence

11 Dec 2023 – 22 Dec 2023

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