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Par Hasard (BE)


The residency at arts centre BUDA is a working residency leading up to the premiere of Malinconico at deSingel on Friday 23 February 2024. During this three-week writing residency, the text will be examined spatially. The residency will conclude with an informal showing for BUDA’s compañeros.

Par Hasard (BE)

Par Hasard is a hybrid collection (by Mira Bryssinck, Fred Libert and Laura Vroom) that curates work-in-progress, organizes workshops and creates its own projects. The work always departs from experimentation, accessibility and connection. The performances A Pair Of Socks and ZET U investigated the elasticity of empathy. Then Mira started a preliminary research around melancholy (with Fred’s support) that was the prelude to this collaborative project.

Malinconico was made in a horizontal way, the text was created collectively, with the whole team invited to make contributions. This project is carried by artists and cultural workers who not only have a sense of melancholic poetry from their work, but also want to question the logic of production, representation and welcome culture in theater.

In residence

11 Dec 2023 – 22 Dec 2023

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