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Alice Giuliani (IT) & Camilla Strandhagen (NO)

And everything is as porous as a bodily crack

And everything is as porous as a bodily crack

In And everything is porous as a bodily crack, Alicé and Kmila travel through intimate, sci-fi, distorted galaxies to talk about what is so hard to explain, to create an utopian dimension where chronic illness is not anymore an invisible shadow but a tangible ghost.

Diving into spoonieland, an horizontally damaged epidermis-like surface, they can finally transform into their dismissed and imperceptible chronic conditions: they become autoantibodies rebelling against compulsory healthiness; they become grub-lovers melting into sleep, chronic pain and panic attacks. They play each other’s protector and unveil their hidden scars.

“With this work, we wish to make tangible the invisible labor that chronic conditions cause. By uncovering experimental care practices, we wonder how this intimate and often denied topic moves on the edges of performativity, the private and public body. We are leaning on the spoon theory by Christine Miserandino, the concept of criptime, the Sick Woman Theory by Johanna Hedva, and our personal experiences as people living with chronic conditions. How can the sharing of experiences become a common path towards “healing”, in the sense of living better with our struggles?”

Project selected for Live Works vol. 10 supported by Centrale Fies (IT); residency support of  CSC/Operaestate Festival (IT)L’Estruch, Fàbrica de creació de les arts en viu (ES); BUDA (BE)


Alice Giuliani (IT) & Camilla Strandhagen (NO)

Alice & Camilla met three years ago in Brussels. Their work resides in the field of dance and performance. Their spoonie sisterhood unfolds in fictional characters that investigate how chronic illness brought them together, closer to the murky borderlands and their superpowers.

In residence

04 Sep 2023 – 10 Sep 2023

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