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Superamas (FR/AT)



a documentary show by Superamas

Actress Pauline Paolini recounts the tragic story of her twin sister Emmanuelle in a live interview conducted by the Superamas art collective. From the diagnosis of her illness, to the interruption of her treatment, via the harmful influence of Dr Kurtz, her testimony highlights the dangers of alternative medicine when it flirts with manipulation, or even sectarian tendencies.

Conceived as a documentary show at the heart of the conspiracy theory phenomenon, Bunker starts from the story of a dramatic personal experience, to open up to a wider reflection on contemporary credulity and the dangers it poses to our democratic societies.

The residency

During the residency the team will be in research and rehearsals. Voice recordings will also take place at the end of the second week.

Superamas (FR/AT)

The Franco-Austrian collective Superamas is at home in Kortrijk. Arts centre BUDA has supported this internationally acclaimed company since their very beginning. Most of their productions were partly realised and presented in BUDA’s studios.

Over the past 20 years, they have been produced in many theatres and festivals in Europe and North America and have imposed their BIG trilogy. They then created EMPIRE (Art & Politics), YOUDREAM and THEATRE. They also exhibit in Art Galleries, produce films and publish books. With Les Presses du Réel and Jeroen Peeters they published a book on the BIG series.
Superamas created VIVE L’ARMEE! in 2016 ; CHEKHOV Fast & Furious in 2018, a piece involving 4 groups of youngs Europeans ; THE MAN WHO SHOT MUAMMAR GADDAFI in 2020 and ZERO TO INFINITY, a performance at nightfall in 2022.
The members of Superamas support young artists within their different fields of expertise.

In residence

02 May 2023 – 13 May 2023

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