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Loïc Touzé (FR)

Cabaret Brouillon

Loïc Touzé

In Cabaret Brouillon, six performers propose to play with the remnants and the ruins of the History of cabaret. Speaking, singing, dancing, proffering, pretending, suspending the present in order to let a few joyous, salutary, and grotesque figures come to light.

A mix of absurdity, cruelty, naivety, poetry, melancholy and irony, Cabaret Brouillon opens up a shared space where innovative attempts are spliced together, where a succession of drafts and sketches are experimented. Fantasy, insolence and dark humour slip into the construction of a scenic gesture which is both fragmented and continuous, a dilation of time. Rudimentary and quite unspectacular, this space, shared by those who are in it and those who enter, needs to be just loose enough for everyone to feel welcome, and just tight enough to call their attention towards perceiving more than what is exhibited there.

Loïc Touzé (FR)

Loïc Touzé is a dancer, choreographer and teacher. He has notably created the dance pieces Morceau, Love, La Chance, Fanfare, Forme Simple, as well as the project Around the Table, with Anne Kerzerho, and the film Dedans ce monde. He is involved in the projects of other artists, in music, theater, circus or visual arts and is engaged in research with Mathieu Bouvier around the notion of the figure in dance, which has resulted in the website

Loïc Touzé teaches regularly during workshops and training for both professionals and amateurs in France and around the world. He co-directed the Laboratoires d’Aubervillers from 2001 to 2006 with Yvane Chapuis and François Piron, and directs, since 2011, HONOLULU, a space for residency, creation and teaching in Nantes.

What presides over all of his activities is the conviction that a danced gesture is an adventure of transformation and emancipation.

In residence

06 Mar 2023 – 19 Mar 2023

On tour

14 May 2023 – 28 Nov 2023
Premières - CDCN Chorège, Falaise | Lieu Unique, Nantes | CNDC, Angers

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