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Carry my segment


Normally Alienated works with a dance partner that is static and immobile, but in Carry my segment the dance partner is a human, which brings new and different possibilities.

Carry my segment is part of Alienated’s current research, in which they approach the concept of object manipulation in a different way. This time by replacing the object with a living, human body and exploring the possibilities with it. This research has been made possible by: Delft fringe festival and Fonds Podiumkunsten, in which together we started a development process for the business and artistic development of Alienated.

We will conduct the artistic research partly at the Buda. Kortrijk is our choreographer’s hometown. So this will be Alienated’s first return home.


The name ‘Alienated’ is derived from the word ‘alien’, which stands for alienation. Alienation is characteristic of Alienated’s work in which they place the body in a different context, working with objects. They do this by combining dance with the technique of ‘object manipulation’. Object manipulation is a technique where the performer uses and transforms an object to create images and shapes. The fusion of these two art forms, combined with music and visual elements, makes their performances particularly intriguing and interesting.

Alienated sees the object not as a stationary backdrop, but as an entity and dance partner. The connection and relationship between the object and the performer is one of the important elements in their work.

In residence

02 May 2023 – 13 May 2023
  • Alienated

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