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Levi van Gelder

Heleen Mineur

CCC (Counterfactual Canon of the Contemporary or Courteney Cox Courgette)


CCC is an ongoing artistic research, performative writing and workshop project, initiated by Levi van Gelder and Heleen Mineur in 2021. The project explores ways to assemble an interpersonal archive and to use this constellation as a pool of content to counterfactually interact, speculate and create with. This finds its shape in the production of experimental video work, writing and publications, but also in the sharing of these developed tools in educational contexts.

“Our aim is to lay bare the many paradoxes of current times; its abundance and entropy. We want to explore the sensibilities of a post-truth era as an extension of the lineage of camp, aiming to reclaim and re-appropriate narratives and tropes inside and outside the (often copyrighted) imagery of late capitalism whilst giving complex or contemporary issues a voice, a smell and perhaps even a set of lyrics.”

CCC: Catastrophe Caught on Camera

“We want to focus on translating our self-written scores for counterfactual character creation into new writing (for performance-or-not-performance) and retranslating this into video work, combining new footage with previously shot footage. We will also work on writing new prompts and new scores. So we imagine the residency will entail equal parts 1) writing and recording texts, 2) video editing and 3) potential of shooting new footage, possibly with collaborators (which will probably be trials due to the limited amount of time.)”

Levi van Gelder

In experimental video work, artistic research and pedagogic collaboration, Levi van Gelder taps into the dormant spaces of critical and whimsical play nestled inside others. He sketches out a realm that ranges from provocative tropes within pop culture to history formation. Through quick-witted storytelling and critique, he creates a (hyper)reality show of distorted nonhuman characters that question authenticity and reveal layers of depth in the superficial.

Heleen Mineur

In her practice, Heleen Mineur translates ideologies and speculations around technology and care—through text, sound and image. Working with various media, she takes things out of their everyday context, and cultivates rhythmic, semantic and fantastical realms. The bitter-sweet complexities in her projects portray a neurodivergent gaze, attempting to unfold and extend ways of (visual) communication.

In residence

27 Mar 2023 – 09 Apr 2023
  • CCC - Heleen en Levi

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