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Werkplek in Kortrijk

Bryan Campbell (FR/US)

Deep Cuts

After sharing a disquietingly sexy experience with a tree, Bryan Campbell wants to share this experience with audiences of humans, and chooses to do so in the form of a song cycle – songs that are sung, shouted, or danced. Perhaps Deep Cuts is a kind of pastoral, that bucolic form that became fashionable again in the Romantic era, when the industrial revolution urgently forced the question of our exploitation of resources. Without moralising, this twenty-first century pastoral seeks to offer a moment to contemplate the violence and the erotics of our relationships to our ecosystems.

Bryan Campbell (FR/US)

American Bryan Campbell, who lives and works in Paris, is a choreographic phenomenon. His work, which mixes text, image and dance, is often about our relationship to power. NEXT previously programmed his Janitor of Lunacy: A Filibuster (2021).

In residence

24 Apr 2023 – 28 Apr 2023
09 Jan 2023 – 21 Jan 2023

On tour

May 2023 – November 2023
les Subs, Lyon | Plastique Danse Flore, Versailles | les Bazis, Sainte Croix Volvestre, in the frame of Forêêêêêt aux Bazis | BUDA, Kortrijk, ikv Next Festival

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