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Gaëtan Rusquet (FR/BE)

En reconnaissance

Gaëtan Rusquet

En reconnaissance is a scenic, sound and choreographic project conceived as a space for experimentation with what divides us, binds us and moves us. As an individual, as a group. Give space to what is present, to all that is present, without hierarchy between human and non-human.

A device to question our way of situating ourselves in relation to the other and in relation to the group. En reconnaissance is an attempt to ritualize our desires for attachment and detachment. To question our dynamics of adhesion and rejection, by creating a space where the political and the intimate merge.

This writing residency comes in the middle of the creation process.

Gaëtan Rusquet (FR/BE)

Gaëtan Rusquet (°1984) lives and works in Brussels. He works as a performer, dancer, choreographer and scenographer, in theater and visual arts. In his artistic proposals, Gaëtan Rusquet looks at how we inscribe ourselves into a place – and what makes a medium – whether it is body, space, light, sound, video, movement, objects or less defined materials. He seeks in ritualized forms to bring their relationships into play, within devices revealing their connectivity and agency. He sees performance time as a moment of study and experience, whether for the performers or the spectators.

In residence

09 Jan 2023 – 14 Jan 2023

On tour

April 23 – July 23
La balsamine theater | Festival Dansand

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