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Etat des Lieux

As part of our Learning Together programme, BUDA is embarking on a new collaboration with nadine – a brussels-based trans-disciplinary organisation – to share three works in the making with the public over the course of a day.

Etat des Lieux are collective showings where artists and audiences are brought together. Artists are invited to shape a programme during which they share their ongoing research or try-outs. Nadine’s role here is guiding and supporting: sensing which artists are ready to present something publicly, finding the right combination of artists around a theme, providing content and production support, and looking for the ideal cultural partner.

The artists participating are Caroline Daish, Mathilde Maillard, Emma Lee Harder, Isabel Burr Raty and Lucia Palladino. They take the audience on an (imaginary) journey along water, earth, forest. A day that aims to generate energy with song, storytelling and speculative science fiction.

Discover the programme on 28 October here!


nadine is a Brussels-based laboratory for contemporary transdisciplinary arts. Through (on-site) residencies, research projects and workshops, artists are given the space to develop their practice. nadine is closely affiliated with performance, art in the public space, multimedia installations, experience-oriented projects that explore the boundaries between creation and production, research and presentation.

Buratinas (LT) is a small solar-powered boat that nadine makes available as a studio space for artists. Artists are invited, under the name Buratinas Captains, to explore the Belgian waterways and work with and in this specific landscape.

Caroline Daish collaborates with artists in Europe and Australia on performances for film and theatre, specialising in voice. She has developed a trilogy of performance and sound works on the theme of intangibility and the notion of the soul in contemporary performance. In 2015, she started oracle, an improvisational practice that reads spaces through the voice, together with Michel Yang and Justine Maxelon. As part of the Buratinas Captains collective, she’s actively researching life on the waterways.

Emma Lee Harder specialised in professional amateurism after several years in a contemporary dance company and training in visual arts. Today, she covers different practices such as dance, singing, performance or techniques in the performing arts. In Brussels since 2021, she has collaborated with Julien Fournet (Amicale de production), Mathilde Maillard (club travail), Yvonne Harder, and Buratinas Captains.

Mathilde Maillard is interested in the uncertainties of language and the (in)surmontable barriers of our intimacies as manifestations of our privileges and our social positions, but also as the possibility of understanding each other better when we manage to talk. She surrounds herself with pens, microphones, loopers machines, everyday objects and above all: people, to research this. Collaboration projects, amongst others, are Club Travail, l’Amicale de production, Buratinas Captains, etc.

Isabel Burr Raty is a transdisciplinary artist and researcher, teacher, sporadic curator, dramaturg and sexual Kung Fu practitioner. Her hybrid performance, installation and workshop experiments offer conditions for embodied SFs, which queer commodification processes and propose pleasure economies, such as the Beauty Kit Farm. She teaches Media history and mentors in the pluri-disciplinary Masters at ERG Brussels. Since 2020 she has co-curated territories restoration events at apass, radical_house, KVS, amongst others.

Lucia Palladino is a freelance multi-media artist based in Brussels. She works worldwide as performer, choreographer, writer and researcher. Her work focuses on the encounter with the other and on how this encounter questions identities and properties. The fundament of her artistic practice is walking.

In residence

23 Oct 2023 – 28 Oct 2023

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