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Darius Dolatyari-Dolatdoust (FR/IR/DE/PL)


Darius Dolatyari-Dolatdoust

“For the residency in BUDA, I want to precise the work around the voice, finish the texte part, precise and finalize the choreographic part, bur also make the creation of the lights.
I want to take the work and go deeper in a performative mode. Last point is to be able to create two forms, one of 35 minutes and one of 55 minutes, to be able to have a lighter version for museum and a longer version for theatre.”

A felted fresco: a fantasized landscape, a open window.
Four performers.
A coat. An apron. A skirt. A glove. A mask.

I BECOME THEM is a performance where the costume is innately choreographic.

Its colors, textures and shapes offers scores for each performers. By wearing these costumes, they accept being contaminated, experimenting transformations for making new bodies to emerge.

Throughout a work around body, voice and language, the landscapes starts moving. A dialogue arises – Creatures appearing, bodies disappearing. They become a moving landscape : blurring the borders of humanity.

This performance is a ritual to remember, feel and dance with the past.

Felt feel
Feel Felt
Felted feelings
A mouth full of felt

Performers: Maureen Béguin-Morin (FR/IE), Marcos Nacar (ES), Matilde Bassetti (IT)

Darius Dolatyari-Dolatdoust (FR/IR/DE/PL)

Born in Chambéry ( France) in 1994, from a Franco-German-Polish mother and a Fran-co-Persian father, Darius is an artist, performer, choreographer and designer. He lives and works between Brussels and Marseille. In his work, he highlights the performative and inherent potentiality of the costume to be the choreographer of the body. As a Visual Artist is main medium is textile, which he use to make patchworks, cos- tumes, felts and scenography. For him working with textile is a way to transform all is drawings in a melt and liquid materiality. Textiles have this ability to be soft, blurring the lines and the angels.

Interview with Darius

In residence

05 Sep 2022 – 17 Sep 2022

On tour

16 Nov 2022 – 17 Nov 2022
Playground festival M Leuven

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