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Collectif Brûle-Maison (FR)

Judith JHP

Judith & Holopherne, drawing, 2020, Benoit Villain. from the performance Judith JHP. Photo NDewitte, 2020.

During the residence in Buda, the artists member of this project (Yohann Baran, Nolwenn Ferry and Benoit Villain) will create and rehearse the new performance Judith JHP.

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Collectif Brûle-Maison (FR)

The Collectif Brûle-Maison was born out of the encounter between dancers, choreographers, visual artists, curators, musicians, architects and translators. It accompanies various transdisciplinary artistic projects such as For a Common Defense, a project that studies the relationship between foreign policy and cultural policy since the end of the WWII. The collective has also accompanied the setting up of exhibitions such as Over the Rainbow (Lille & Nantes, 2008-2009), La ville inadaptée (Clermont Ferrand, 2013) or a series of lectures and performances on the relationship between the body and the city (Lille, Strasbourg, Clermont-Ferrand, 2010-2013).

In 2019, under the impetus of its members, the collective is moving towards more transversal projects in the field of performance. So they decided to accompany the youg choreographer Yohann Baran in his choreographic creations Jay (created at the Point Ephémère, APris with the support of the Ballet du Nord – Centre Choregraphique National Roubaix Hauts-de-France, 2019) and Gisants (coproduction withe the Ballet du Nord 2022/2023).

In residence

06 Dec 2021 – 18 Dec 2021

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