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Adaline Anobile (CH)

Mountains grow unnoticed

Adaline Anobile

Altered states of attention such as dream-states and hypnotic states offer a different and broader understanding of vision. By blurring or distorting boundaries – of time, bodies, thoughts, spaces, sensations and images – dreams and so-called hallucinations participate in a perceptive experience that explodes the norms we are accustomed to. These experiences disrupt the hierarchies of perspective and its domestication of the gaze, and allow for more porous and plural experience of vision. Mountains grow unnoticed is a performance that will question how visions happen in the midst of things. In the work process they will look at how rhythms of attention affect vision. They consider seeing as a question of time.

Can rhythm give access to other ways of seeing and relating with what we see?

A project by Adaline Anobile, in collaboration with Pauline Brun, Carolina Campos, Itxaso Corral and Leticia Skrycky

production: Landslide

co-production: C-Takt Dommelhof (BE) ; La Caldera (ES)

residencies and support: Spai Nyamnyam (ES); Honolulu (FR); BUDA (BE); SACD Belgique; PARTS Summer Residencies (BE); PACO – pôle d’accompagnement collaboratif et ouvert initié par Habemus papam et Entropie Production (BE)

this project derives from the research that Adaline Anobile developed at the Istituto Svizzero di Palermo in 2021

*Mountains grow unnoticed is the opening line of a poem written by Emily Dickinson in c.1863

Adaline Anobile (CH)

Adaline Anobile (CH) is a transdisciplinary artist, working mainly as a performer and choreographer. She has a background in textiles, visual arts, dance and philosophy. Moving between fields, formats and techniques, her work is particularly interested in the performativity of the gaze and experiments with shifts in perception. Since 2021, she has been developing a research around vision and altered states of attention. This transdisciplinary research includes choreographic practices and performances, video works, writing and pinhole photography. Collaboration is also an important part of her work and life. In 2023/2024 she is participating in projects by Laurent Pichaud; Pauline Brun; João Fiadeiro; Gaëtan Rusquet; Aurélien Dougé and Lucia Palladino.

In residence

06 May 2024 – 12 May 2024

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