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Werkplek in Kortrijk

Muna Mussie (IT/ER) & Sara Manente (IT/BE)

MuSa (working title)

It’s the first residency for our new project working with A.I, embroidery, rope and basket making. We are interested in material practices taking place in the present and not so much in the result, the artefact.

“Live-making becomes a choreography and possible narratives can intersect without necessarily becoming productive. The question would be how to weave and stitch together the dramaturgy of this making. And for this we are thinking of calling in a third non-human party. What is the difference between old and new technologies? Are old technologies obsolete and for whom? Are new technologies more alive?”

Muna Mussie (IT/ER) & Sara Manente (IT/BE)

Muna Mussie (1978) is an Eritrean artist based in Bologna. Mussie investigates the performing arts and the scenic languages to give shape to the tension that arises between different expressive poles, through gesture, vision and word. She began her artistic career in 1998, as actress/performer with Teatrino Clandestino and Teatro Valdoca.

Sara Manente (1978, Venice) studied dance and semiotics before moving to Brussels, where she works as an artist and researcher. Drawing on the imagery and matter of living cultures and mycelium brought into relation with live arts, her more recent projects reflect on the possibility of contamination between pedagogy, research, performance and publication resulting in a variety of formats.

In residence

16 Oct 2023 – 28 Oct 2023

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