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Company 3arancia (FR)


Throughout the week the researchers-performers will dig and enrich the physiologic, poetic & politic matrix of the upcoming work “organicities” (2024) of the company 3arancia. Supported by various tools and practices such as BMC®, Dreamwork® and related by a fasciapulsologic common background, Marion invites Paulina, Sasha, Alison, Florence and Lindsey to activate with her, somatic explorations which will infuse the creation process of the upcoming piece. The work “Organicities” will be performed by older performers (60-70 years old) with the intention of containing the experiences fulfilled by other beings in the frame of the creative and research process.

Company 3arancia (FR)

Marion Blondeau (FR) Cie 3arancia & Sasha Allen (BE/EN) & Paulina Voguel (CL/NL) & Alison Grace-Clissold (BE/EN) & Florence Augendre (FR/BE) & Lindsay Curtis (US/BE)


Marion Blondeau studied at the CMDC in Tunis and then at the Ecole des Sables in Senegal, she has taken part in numerous collaborations as a choreographic artist in France, Tunisia, Egypt, Palestine, Spain and South Africa. For the past ten years, her creative work has explored, from the perspective of intersectional feminism, the question of women’s bodies and their voice in our contemporary societies, broadening her field of investigation to the countries of the Mediterranean and Africa. She also performs for Phia Ménard, teaches and conducts research in fasciapulsology® embodied into dance with Florence Augendre.

Marion Blondeau, company 3Arancia, is associate artist at CCNN/ direction Ambra Senatore in the framework of the system supported by the Ministry of Culture and Communication.


In residence

19 Dec 2022 – 23 Dec 2022

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