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Method (CD/BE)

“Ouroboros“ a Sonic fiction by Method


During this residency, Method will work on the spiritual/psychological practice called shadow work which consists of working on ones traumas represented by its shadow selves. The side of us we don’t show and/or even know. How to acknowledge ones shadow self, learn about it and in the end, fully accept it with the hardships that come with it. All through movement and cycles. Just like the Oruboros which eats its own tail, there are two sides in us the light and the shadow, the heavens, the earth.

Method (CD/BE)

Born in D.R.Congo, Method (Moïse Gombo Kamitatu), is a hip hop dance theater maker/performer. He uses his knowledge of dance styles based from the hip hop culture (such as break-dance, hip hop, house etc) mixed with several theater techniques and his international life experience as a child/teenager that opened up his eyes to the variety of cultures that exist and certain spiritual practices which he learned ( like the path of know of knowledge, the path of devotion, energy which are based on meditation in all its forms: chanting, yoga, affirmations, belief etc).
He uses these as tools to create and question the psychology behind the human mind/behaviour , what makes us who we are and why, the different dynamics that exist within ourselves and all around us.

In residence

10 Jan 2022 – 16 Jan 2022

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