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Lydia Mcglinchey (AU/BE)

Research residency

In this residency Lydia will look at operations of abstraction, in dance and voice. She will look at the possibilities to charge and texture the body as an type of abstraction which functions through formal elaboration rather than formal reduction.

Lydia Mcglinchey (AU/BE)
Lydia Mcglinchey (°1998) was born in Sydney, Australia, of Peruvian-Irish descent. She is currently working as a performer and maker, living in Brussels. Lydia is trained in dance/performance, yet she also works with textile/fibre art.
Lydia’s stage work FERAL was presented at Theatre VIERNULVIER, Kaaitheatre, and Kunstencentrum BUDA in 2022/23. Lydia is currently developing a new stage work titled MadDoG which will premier in late 2024.
Lydia studied in P.A.R.T.S where she received her MA in choreography and training in dance.
Lydia has worked with Alix Eynaudi on her project Noa+Snow. She works with Simon Van Schuylenbergh on his project Ne Mosquito Pas and is a co-researcher on forthcoming work Dark Habits. Additionally, she performed in The Honey House by Nathan Ooms and is currently performing for Mischa Goldberg and Rosie Sommers in German Staatstheater.

In residence

27 Feb 2023 – 03 Mar 2023

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